PT Bintai Kindenko Engineering Indonesia (PT BINKEI) was established since 2012 as a company founded jointly by several companies namely:

PT BINKEI provides key business in the fields of mechanical, electrical and plumbing, including services in engineering, testing and maintenance operations.


Vision and Mission


PT BINKEI vision is to position itself throughout Indonesia to be a leading specialist contractor and providing engineering service in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing construction.

PT BINKEI aims to provide total satisfaction to customer through high quality management system, value engineering, competent and skilled engineers along with good work practices.

  • Credibility
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Innovation

The Objective of PT Bintai Kindenko Engineering Indonesia is to deliver the best quality of products and services on mechanical and electrical construction that meet or exceed the requirement of our customer expectation.


Binkei considers Human Capital (HC) as company’s most important asset, and the main determining factor to its success. Binkei maintains mutually beneficial working relationships for the long-term, thereby fostering ties and a sense of togetherness between employees and the Company to grow and prosper continuously.


Join us for a Brighter Future